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    Tuesday, June 17, 2008

    Another post about ta-ta's

    Holy crap, I’m so sick of reading/hearing about politics I can’t see straight! That being said…

    I think I’d like to talk about breasts for a moment. I, like every other woman on the planet am hyper critical of myself. I’m 5’5” and weigh a buck thirty, I’d really like to weigh a buck twenty. My nails are flimsy, I’d like them to be hard as, uh…, nails. My ass is dangerously close to being “smushy“, I’d like to bounce a quarter off of it. I’m a solid B cup, I’d like to have boobs that have their own zip code. But here’s the thing, I’m lazy. I could go to the gym that I’m currently paying a monthly membership to and drop the 10 pounds, take vitamins to make my nails stronger, do leg lifts to make my ass less borderline smushy and/or have surgery to make my boobs the size of New Jersey. But that would take effort on my part. More effort than I’m willing to dedicate. Although I see Quasimodo staring back at me if I peer into the mirror for too long; all in all, at first glance and a distance I’m not a bad looking chick. Not to mention, what I lack in looks I certainly make up for in personality. In person I’m funny. Really funny.

    But anyway, back to boobies. As mentioned and on a few occasions pictured here on Surreptitious Psychosis, I’m a B cup. There’s nothing spectacular about them, they‘re not “ubber fabulous”. It’s just your everyday average, run of the mill, B cup rack. So about a month ago I’m listening to the radio and I hear a commercial for a “breast enhancing” OTC (that’s “over the counter”) that “increases your bust size by at least two cups sizes!” Something that takes virtually no effort on my part? Now that’s for me! Where do I sign up!? So of course I called and said “Yes, I heard your commercial and I’d like to super size my rack please!” A month has passed and I honestly can’t say the enhancer didn’t work. D seems to think they appear “fuller”. But lets face it, he’s a guy so all he’s really thinking is “Boobage!” I can’t really tell. Women naturally fluctuate by almost half a cup size in extreme cases during each month based on ovulation cycle, diet, water weight etc. Unlike a lot of men, we don’t whip out a measuring stick at every given chance. Also, contrary to popular male belief we don’t stand naked in front of a mirror staring at them and touching them at every given opportunity (sorry to burst the silicone filled bubble, guys). We check thoroughly once a month for lumps, bumps or changes (at least the smart among us do) and basically leave well enough alone.

    Hell, I read a study that said 80% of all women in the US are wearing the wrong bra size! Just goes to show how “in touch” most of us really are. I guarantee you they’re not wearing bras that are too big. Our collective wreaked self esteem ensures that we’re wearing smaller bras because we really do believe our racks are smaller than they actually are/should be. Thanks for nothing to the ginornous boobied asswads at Cosmo! I take great comfort in knowing that when I’m 65 I’ll still have firm breasts perched upon my upper chest. When you’re 65 you’ll be sporting the “yeah, they were huge and fabulous when I was 25 but now they just look like an old nut sack” look.

    So yeah, they seem a bit “enhanced” and yeah my braziers seem to be a bit more snug but that could be because I ate a piece of chocolate cake last week or I’m retaining more water than usual because of the “hotter than Hades” Florida heat or any number of other factors. I can tell you this, I sure as hell won’t be scheduling breast reduction surgery anytime soon because of this “miracle enhancer”. Then again I’m not going to say it didn’t do anything at all. The girls and I bonded during this experience. Now I can say, my breasts aren’t just guinea pigs for experimenting non FDA approved drugs on, they’re friends.

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    7 Thoughts On The Subject

    Blogger Mrs. "Smith" said...

    Aza, I thought I was a B cup until 5 years ago. I found out then I was wearing the wrong sized bra...I needed a D cup. I don't have rack, just a nice handful,or so I've been told by the only person that counts! Lol.

    10:58 PM  
    Blogger Kojak said...

    Well as you know I am a boobie specialist. Even though I have not personally viewed your perky mamorys I feel certain that they are not only firm, but the perfect size. If you should need any assistance please call me !!! Love Ya !!! Kojak.

    11:40 PM  
    Blogger CSI Seattle said...

    I make it a point to travel around and find new blogs to visit. Well, I found yours and on "ta-ta" day. I'll call that a 2-fer.

    As well as the topic, I like your writing style.

    9:07 PM  
    Blogger Aza said...

    Mrs. Smith- D cup? Damn! Sounds like a rack to me!

    Kojak- You really are the worlds biggest badged dork!

    CSI Seattle- Thanks muchly. Welcome to the nightmare! Sit for a spell, I keep the bathroom cabinet unlocked.

    1:37 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm probably a c-cup, but I don't really like bras. They just bother me, and I live in those tank tops that have the bra built in, and some nurse practitioner gave me crap about it, but i could give a fuck.

    3:26 AM  
    Anonymous cyndicate said...

    "when I’m 65 I’ll still have firm breasts perched upon my upper chest. When you’re 65 you’ll be sporting the “yeah, they were huge and fabulous when I was 25 but now they just look like an old nut sack” look"

    yes, and thats great because when you're 65, THATS when you worry about filling out a tight tank top.

    the fact is, it wasnt cosmo that created boobs...or the love of them, and being a hater to other women who are more..endowed..well, therin lies the problem, dear.

    sorry if im coming off as aggressive, i have accepted my lovely d cup breasts, and i still have to deal with sketchy comments and dirty looks from women..but i wont apologize for what god gave me, or worry how i will stand up in a nursing home wet t-shirt contest.

    8:38 AM  
    Blogger Aza said...

    Heya “cyndicate”, you apologized for coming off as “aggressive”, no honey, you’re coming off as incredibly bitter which is even worse. You said “i still have to deal with sketchy comments and dirty looks from women”, cry me a river sweetie. Maybe those sketchy comments and dirty looks aren’t aimed at your tits, maybe there aimed at that giant chip on your shoulder.

    4:02 PM  

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