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    Sunday, July 30, 2006

    Ahhh, the Blog-a-thon memories!

    *NOTE: Green links will take you to blog-a-thon related posts and stuff.
    Blueish links will take you to personal blogs. Please visit all of the fine folks that worked on this project with Betty, they've got some pretty rockin' blogs!*

    I wasn’t able to start stalking enjoying the blog-a-thon party over at Stale Betty’s place until around 6:30pm; my boss just couldn’t grasp the concept of “But I really need to go home and blog!!!” Anyway, I got there after work, caught up on what I’d missed and harassed hung out with the Mil wives and sponsors until 6:30am. Yep, I made it for 12 hours. I closed my eyes for like two seconds as Tuna Girl‘s shift was just about up and the next thing I knew the alarm was going off and I had to go to work.

    Those of you who missed it, missed one hell of a good time. Each of the cases/trivia questions posed were a blast and some of the comments were hilarious! The whole 24 hours were so well planned and ran seamlessly; the fun was nonstop!

    I’d like to thank Stale Betty for putting together such an awesome blog-a-thon, Tuna Girl, Rose, April aka APE, Tess, Betty, Maximus, Char Marie for blogging their fingers off for our enjoyment (and the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund) and Daniel for being such an amazing emcee!!!

    (Oh, and a special thank you to all of them for putting up with me commenting my butt off!)

    Here‘s Daniel's account of the event "Blogging In Heels".

    The total donated so far is $1,800!!! There’s still time to sponsor the Mil wives to help these ladies reach their goal of $2,000 (they‘re SO close!) Sponsorship is open for up to 48 hours after the event ends so if you haven‘t yet, sponsor/donate now!

    Here are some memorable moments (in no particular order)…

    All of the incredibly hot pics are courtesy of Daniel‘s extensive search of the net! They are as follows: I requested these (drool!!!), here’s a little more hotness Matthew McConaughey and last but so hotfully not least Mr. Depp (my future ex-husband).

    Here‘s where Stale Betty hit the $1,700 mark!

    I won a kick ass prize then, my dad (omaum) won a prize!

    Rose‘s surprise guest YA_RLY, provided one hell of a laugh with his swat sign.

    And the raffle drawing winner was Scott B.

    I can’t wait until next year!



    Saturday, July 29, 2006

    I won...

    a kick ass prize despite my inability to spell worth a crap!!!! After the week(s) I've had, I'm freakin' thrilled!

    The ladies are still going strong at STALEBETTY.COM! GO, GO, GO!!! Sponsor now, then enjoy the fun and games (pic of Mr. Depp...yuuuuummmmm) they've got going on!!!

    The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund is the wonderful charity these ladies are blogging their hearts out for. So please…

    Click The Button To Sponsor!




    Today is the day. It has begun at STALEBETTY.COM! From 6am Pacific/9am Eastern for 24 (that's TWENTY FOUR) hours straight every thirty minutes (yes, you read that right, every THIRTY MINUTES!!!), it's a blog frenzy!!! GO, GO, GO!!! Sponsor now, then enjoy the fun and games they've got going on!!! Every dollar counts and when you sponsor you'll even get entered into a raffle!

    Here is my original post about it. If you haven’t gotten involved yet- PLEASE do! The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund is the wonderful charity these ladies are blogging for. So please…

    Click The Button To Sponsor These Awesome Ladies!

    I have to go to work in a few minutes but I am so looking forward to going over to Stale Betty‘s as soon as I get home and every chance I get to enjoy the fun and games!



    Friday, July 28, 2006


    Yeah, just a fuckin touch.

    A/ I went to work today to deal with the boss that tried to molest me Monday night; long fucking story. He acted like nothing happened. He was able to look me straight in the face, joke around even. I’m thinking to myself “You fucker, you’re just going to stand there and act like everything is fine. You grabbed me, pressing your hard-on into my hip, all the while whispering/groaning drunken- though I suspect not so much, begged propositions in my ear and neck as I struggled to push you away and tell you to stop and let me go. Which I might add, turned you on even more and made you tighten your grip to the point that I could hardly fucking breathe! You’re married, you know my husband, you know I’m devoted to my husband and I‘m a fucking co-worker, a subordinate co-worker at that! I know you don‘t give a shit about your job, you could care fucking less about your wife and basically don‘t have a goddamned thing to lose. Fuck You!!!!” So the day proceeded right into B.

    B/ My car got smashed in the parking lot. I walked out to smoke a cigarette only to have a co-worker run up to me yelling “You’re car just got hit!”. After the initial “What the fuck just happened?” wore off, the anger set in, “Yay!“ I think to myself, “I’m going to kick the shit out of someone today!“ She hit my fucking car, fucked it up, backed out of the space next to my (now fucked up) car and parked on the other side of the lot….then proceeded to go fucking shopping! She didn’t say a word to anyone. It was sheer luck two of my co-workers were in the parking lot when they were and saw it happen. Anyway, I’m ready to kick said fuckers ass! Well, said fucker turns out to be an 80+ year old woman dying of cancer and half out of her fucking mind because of all of the medication she’s on! So what did I do? I called the police, took a bunch of pictures, and bought her a 20oz. water. I mean what the fuck could I do? It was 100 degrees outside, she’s old as dirt, cancer ridden and out of her fucking wits on pain killers. I can’t kick an old persons ass (I‘m not a total monster). The police came, she got another (!!!) ticket (apparently she just got a ticket last week for running a red. She said she didn‘t even remember being in the fucking car!) a report was made and she got a ride home. The police took her license on the spot. Her daughter said she’d hid the car keys but when she took a nap today her mom found them and decided to come to the pharmacy. As this old woman got in her daughter’s car, she actually asked where she was and what happened! The cops were pissed for obvious reasons; she could have killed someone. She said she didn’t even know she’d smashed my car for Christ’s sake!

    So basically Monday through today (Friday) fucking sucked. I’m too tired, disgusted, and pissed to even bother writing about the days in between. For a week now I've just wanted to curl up into a little ball, in a dark room and have Dave Mathews counsel me into nightmareless sleep.



    Wednesday, July 26, 2006

    Ladies and Gentlemen, meet....Kaz!

    This was nearly 12 hours after the "accident". She had been at the Pet Emergency Clinic from 9pm until around 7:15am. I took the pic when we went and picked her up. She weighed 1.5lbs (horribly under weight as you can see from her sunken face)...

    This was taken 8 hours later at 3pm. At this point she was at our regular vet...

    And finally, this was taken Monday. She was within a few ounces of doubling her original weight! (she weighed 2lbs. 4oz.- which is almost what a kitten her age should weigh!) By now she's got to be closing in on 3lbs (as of 7/27)...

    Our vet gave us a MAJOR break financially. He was very taken by her and thrilled by her progress. So, to sum up Visa commerical style...

    $362.00... Emergency Clinic
    $178.00... Private Vet
    The look on her face when doing the “flying kamikaze kitty” move off of dad’s desk…priceless!



    Saturday, July 22, 2006

    I took the PTCB exam today...

    It kinda felt like a hot poker in the ass, for three hours. There were six different tests (each a different color that specified it concentrated on a different area of pharmacology), D got the red one which is real heavy in math (he got that one last year) and I got the green one which was real heavy on hospital drugs. How’d I do? Out of 140 questions- I’m certain I got 10 to 15 right. Yeah. Oh, did I mention 15 questions on the test are throw-ins? They don’t count. So they say the scores will be sent out in 60 days. Two friggin’ months! I wish I didn’t have such an “I’m retarded so I couldn’t possibly come even close to passing” (realist?) attitude here but I think I should go ahead and get ready to sign up for the November test. Oh, and stock up on more Prep H in the meantime. So the assault on my emotional and psychological buttocks in that regard is over (for now).

    Anyway on to bigger things

    Kaz is doing great! The vet sent her home for the weekend; she’s due for another recheck Monday. She’s trying to climb all over the place, eating like a piglet and absolutely hates to not be in your lap at all times. I can’t wait to post pictures!


    BLOG-A-THON 2006!
    Saturday, July 29, 2006
    6am Pacific/9am Eastern

    We are 7, count em’ SEVEN days away from Blogathon!!!!

    Here is my original post about it. If you haven’t gotten involved yet- PLEASE do! If you’ve been watching the news in the last week (and who hasn’t?) you know the Middle East is an even bigger tinder box. I don’t know what this will mean for our soldiers but we really need the facilities and services the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund has to offer. This is not a matter of supporting or not supporting our governments decisions and/or polices, it’s a matter of supporting our troops. So please…

    Click The Button To Sponsor These Awesome Ladies!

    I have to work this coming weekend but I am so looking forward to going over to Stale Betty‘s every chance I get to enjoy the fun and games!



    Friday, July 21, 2006

    The Latest- Thursday

    Kaz went back to the vet this morning to stay the afternoon. D went for his Remicade infusion (he has Crohns disease), I went to see Whore-Hey.

    I picked her up at 3pm and spoke with the vet. We’ve got more great news: 1/ She's FeLV negative (YAY!!!). 2/ It turns out she gained 3oz. just in the 12 or so hours she stayed with us last night. 3/ She‘s eating dry food (we didn‘t think her jaw could handle it this soon but she surprised us)! 4/ She’s off of the A/D and now eating kitten food. And 5/ Her coordination is rapidly improving; she’s healing quicker than any of us could have anticipated.

    The vet said we could take her home for the night again (since she’s obviously doing well with us and gaining weight) but he’d like to recheck her tomorrow. At that point the treatment will be left fully in our hands and we will not need to keep taking her back daily.

    It’s just now closing in on 2am, at 1am she ate like a little pig (again). She’s now able to stand and walk on her own. She’s very unsteady on her legs and still occasionally shakes her head (from the ear injury) violently and falls over but this is major progress! This little kitten couldn’t sit up, much less stand on her own a day ago. Now to be walking a bit, grooming and showing interest in toys is just huge!

    As with all of my rescues I’ve taken pictures of her progress (it’s a habit I picked up years ago- it’s useful to photo document these things when police get involved which has happened on a number of abuse cases I‘ve handled). I’ll post a few when I get a chance.

    I hope when I post some pictures of her, someone out there (perfect for her) will fall in love (as everyone who’s met her has), want to adopt her and e-mail me.

    In other news: *sigh* I’ve not studied for Saturday’s test one bit. I’ve resolved myself to try not to freak out if I fail the exam (I just haven’t studied for it.) I’ll re-take it in November.

    Thanks again to everyone!



    Wednesday, July 19, 2006

    A wonderful update!

    I want to thank everyone so much for their support and kind comments with Angel’s passing and the terrible situation that brought this precious new kitten into our home. Rose and Shanna cross posted about this sweet little girl which brought in a ton of folks who sent a ton of positive energy our way. It paid off BIG!

    David, Manic Witch, Cynical Girl, Aepha, Betty, APE, WebKittyn, aka_monty, Maevyn, Faerie Lady and DS- Thank you all for the positive energy and supportive comments you posted here and at Great Googly Moogly. To all of the lurkers who sent a prayer or positive thought, thank you so much!

    The update…

    We picked Kaz (D named her) up from the E.R clinic this morning at 7:30am and took her straight to my vet who opened at 8am. This little kitten has not stopped purring since that jackass across the street ‘tossed’ her to D. She had an IV in her little arm from where they’d been giving her meds and fluids all through the night. She seemed slightly alert (still purring) but looked pretty bad. Most of the fleas were dead or dying because I had requested that they immediately Advantage her as soon as she was somewhat stable. Also, her inner ear had stopped bleeding. We got to our vet a few minutes early so when he pulled up, we got out of the car with her wrapped in a towel. He immediately rushed over and asked what was going on. We gave him the quick version of the story as he rushed us inside and into a room.

    As he went over the E.R. clinics notes and examined Kaz I was able to go into detail over what happened. As I told the complete story he worked faster, yelled for more techs, and appeared to get more agitated with each detail. When I finished telling him everything he was LIVID but more determined than I’ve ever seen him (one of the techs was crying). I asked that he do everything possible to help her regardless of expense. He went through a list of things he was going to do and medications he intended to administer. I told him I’d call every few hours to check on her. Every time I called throughout the morning and afternoon the report got better and better! The techs were so taken by her they carried her around the clinic for most of the day in heated towels.

    One call informed me that the rapid eye movement was slowing. Another, she was eating all by herself! Another, she was trying to sit up on her own! At 3pm I went for a visit, the inside of her mouth and ears were turning pink again- the anemia was fading and meds were working! I asked what he thought the outcome would be and he seemed very hopeful. He expressed that a full recovery wasn’t inconceivable but made it very clear that we’re still far from being out of the woods (please keep those prayers and/or positive thoughts/energies coming!). I explained to him that I didn’t want her left unattended through the night and would kennel her at home when they closed, continue to administer meds, stay on top of her hydration/eating and in general keep close watch over her. I told him I’d bring her back tomorrow morning at 8am so he could take back over. He agreed and home we went.

    Kaz can not walk well or sit upright on her own (she won‘t attempt either unless prompted), her equilibrium is very off because of the severe brain trauma and injury to her ear. The poor little girl urinated on her bedding because she’s not moving well and has no idea what a cat pan is. When I was holding her earlier she let out a tiny cry and seemed terribly uncomfortable. It sounded like an “I need to potty but I‘m holding it as long as I can.” cry. Since she’s lived outside since birth and wouldn’t use the pan I took her outside and held her in a standing position. The moment her feet touched the ground she tried to dig and immediately went potty as I steadied her from falling over. Poor creature fell asleep purring in my arms on the way back inside. I nearly bit my lip off to keep from crying for her.

    I called a very dear friend of mine (Tabby) in Indiana who also does rescue and told her the story. Tabby specializes in handicapped kitties, specifically those suffering from Manx Syndrome and neurological disorders. We came up with an “If all else fails” plan (“if all else fails“ because Tabby has a number of unique and severe cases she‘s dealing with)…..

    Tabby is coming back to Florida at the beginning of August to pick up a Manx Syndrome kitty and the rest of her stuff (her move to Indiana was recent so she still has a lot of belongings here) If Kaz is FeLV I’ll have to keep her- if she’s neuro, Tabby will take her on as a permanent and if she recovers to an adoptable level (without needing special care) one of Tabby’s neighbors may take her. All of this is on the assumption that Kaz will be able to travel by then.

    Ideally, I’d still like to find her an adoptive home here in Fl. or Ga. So please still keep your ears open and fingers crossed for anyone looking to adopt a special kitten that has earned through her hardship the right to the life of Riley.

    I started this post around 11:30pm but have had to stop frequently to check in on her. It’s now nearing 4am and I still have a ton of stuff to accomplish before I can lay down. I’m hoping to get at least two hours rest before taking her back to the vet. I hope at least some of this was coherent, I'm sorry it ended up being so long. :)

    Again, thank you all so much!



    A Thank you, another request and another vent

    Angel was put to sleep Monday; she went peacefully. Dad and I were both there holding her. D had to leave the room, it was just too much for him. I want to thank everyone so very much for their positive thoughts, prayers and energy. Thank you!

    I also want to ask for them again. Warning, this is a tough read.


    I wouldn’t wish tonight (or the last week for that matter) on my worst enemy. D and I picked up a late lunch and on the way home stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up some odds and ends. As we walked through the garden center I saw a table and chair set that I really wanted for the back porch. D said we should wait to get it tomorrow when we could use our other car (he thought my sedan was too small to fit everything). Anyway he went to the bathroom, and me- wanting to have lunch on the back porch on our new table and chair set….bought it. D wasn’t thrilled.

    So we get home around 8 and set everything up. D, dad and I are eating lunch when we hear three god awful screams come from the white trash, shit bags house across the street. I got up and walked to my fence line to see what was going on; the screaming noise didn’t sound human. I saw two men standing on their porch looking over the edge- one of them had a smile on his fucking face. After a minute or two the other man walked down the steps and picked up a little kitten, completely limp, by the nap of its neck and began to walk next door. I yelled “What did you do to that cat!?” he said a piece of wood fell on it. I asked if it was hurt and he said yes. I asked if it was breathing and he said no.

    I lost my fucking mind- that sick fuck was smiling. I walked back up to the back porch near hysterics and relayed what had happened to D and my dad. We thought about calling the police, but knew it would do no good whatsoever. I asked D to walk over and tell them I was a vet tech and ask if we could help. The guy said “whatever”. D asked if the kitten was alive. The guy responded with “Yeah, I think so.” (motherfucker lied to me!) So D asked if we could take the kitten to get some help. The shit bag agreed with another “whatever“.

    You know what those motherfuckers had done to that poor kitten after the “piece of wood“ fell on it? They threw it in a fucking make shift shed with their dogs to lay there and fucking die. One of the guys walked in, grabbed the kitten and half threw it at D. D ran back across the street, kitten in arms bleeding, yelling for me. We got in the car and rushed to the pet emergency clinic.

    When we got her there she was bleeding from her left ear, non-responsive and in short…really fucked up. I asked the vet what legal action we could take. I mean, this is serious animal cruelty. She said we could call the police and animal control but it was basically our word against theirs (plus, my city doesn‘t do shit about animal abuse). It would result in nothing being done but my dogs possibly poisoned and my house burnt down. No, I’m not over exaggerating here, the fucks across the street are ex-felons, drunks, drug addicts and fucked up in the head.

    On the low end, the bill will be $500.00 on the high end 1,200.00 and that is just for the emergency care the kitten is getting tonight- it does not include what my regular vet will want to do tomorrow if she pulls through. We gave them our credit card, put down a $500.00 deposit and told them to do what they could. We’ve called them every few hours since to check in on her. That shit bag has cost that poor kitten unimaginable pain and my family a shit load of money. We're going to be eating Mac N' Cheese for the next six months.

    Anyway, when we got home I walked across the street and informed fuckwad that A/ The kitten was terribly anemic from being covered in fucking fleas, B/ Horribly malnourished from not being fed, C/ Dehydrated, D/ fucked up from whatever smashed her and finally that all of the above constituted: neglect, abandonment and cruelty. So this fucking piece of shit says to me “Well, it’s not my cat, we just fed it.” I replied with “In the state of Florida, if you feed it, you’re responsible for it in the eyes of the law.” I went on to explain that the vet bill could be in excess of a thousand dollars (thanks to them), the kitten was very badly injured (thanks to them) and needless to say, he would NOT be getting her back if she survived (thanks to D and I). You know what this fucker said to me? “It’s just a fucking cat! If I had a thousand dollars I’d spend it on my kids, not some stupid cat. The whole thing was an accident, we laid a big wooden table without the legs on its side to keep my baby from falling off of the porch, it fell on the cat.” At this point I was so angry I thought I was going to be sick. I said, "A big wooden table!!!???, I thought you said it was 'a piece of wood', what would have happened if it fell on your CHILD!" then I asked “What the fuck were you thinking when you threw that kitten in the shed with those dogs!!!???” He said “I was gonna let it breathe its dyin’ breath in peace, then bury it.”

    D told him ”You have no business having an animal you can’t afford to take to the vet to be put down humanely if it gets hurt.” Fucker responds again with “It’s just a fucking cat, there’s millions of them out there.” D and I walked away. This cocksucker has kids (that run the streets half naked with no supervision). God forbid something happen to one of them, they’d probably end up in the fucking shed, too.

    He is a very lucky man. I don’t know what I would have done if my doctor hadn’t refilled my script Monday. All I do know is that fucker’s head would be bashed in just like that poor kitten. And I’d go to jail with a smile on my fucking face.

    The kitten (estimated at between 10 and 12 weeks old) as of 2:45am is still alive and seems to be stabilizing. The vet said she didn’t know how severe the brain damage would be but felt that she would make it a good recovery with a lot of time and work. We have to pick her up by 7:30am (in just a few hours) and will take her to my regular vet by 8am to see what else can be done.

    Once she has recovered, if anyone reading this in Florida/Georgia would like to adopt a special needs (I’m assuming she’ll be deaf in one ear and will walk with a head tilt at the least) kitty (or knows anyone who would)- I will pay ALL vet bills including her spay, vaccines, FIV/FeLV test and travel to get her to you.
    I just ask the following…

    Indoor only, No declawing, Good Diet, and Lots of love.

    Please e-mail me if you can help.

    Crazy fuckers need not apply, I’ve got enough of them living across the street from me and this poor kitten has been through enough.



    Sunday, July 16, 2006

    My kitty

    She’s a beautiful cat, her sister, Snowy was too. Long white hair, crystal blue eyes and personalities that exude love. When they came to us they both tested positive for FeLV, their age unknown (estimated at 3 maybe 4). The vet I was working for at the time asked me to take them since we had such success with the sick ones. One of them was partially blind and deaf (we suspect from abuse). The FeLV didn’t dissuade me from taking them in; we had 2 other FeLV positive cats in excellent health (the disease was dormant). Kept separate from our negative cats the house is split in half at the French doors in the dining room. They are fed a special (immune system building) diet and given distilled water. Snowy passed three years ago.

    And now her sister, “Angel” is not improving. We took her to the vet Thursday, he gave me meds to settle her stomach, a steroid injection to get her appetite up and some sub-Q fluids. He said it may take a few days to work. Anyone out there who’s dealt with FeLV knows this process. It’s not like feline aids, there are no real “ups and downs”. With Leuk they just go down. The vet said we should try the weekend but he expected to see us Monday. I’ve hand fed her since Friday and have seen no improvement. We’re going back to the vet tomorrow.

    And now to the rant; With all of the years spent in the veterinary field I learned a good system. I also learned how this disease operates. I’ve met rescuers in this city who “take care” of FeLV cats. They allow them to mingle among the healthy, have no concept of sanitation or dietary needs and no clue as to the etiology of the disease. I’ve also watched it run through their homes like fire in a wheat field killing everything in its path. Once showing symptoms I’ve watched these “rescuers” allow them to suffer and linger. Yet they continue to take on more and keep with the same practices. I’ve never understood that. Oh I’ve heard the excuse “I can’t afford the vet bills” and all I can say to that is fuck you! Why continue “rescuing” if you can’t afford the ones you have? Money is no object in this household when it comes to health and quality of life- human or animal companion. I know my limits (both physical and financial) and will not be made to feel bad (as some of these “rescuers” would have me feel) because I refuse to take on more than I can handle.

    So tomorrow we will go to the vet before my doctor‘s appointment. And tonight I will continue to pray for peace and comfort.

    Prayers or positive energy for Angel would be greatly appreciated.



    Friday, July 14, 2006

    This soap opera fucking sucks…

    A rant about a few things I’ve learned in the last two weeks…

    - I think Whore-Hey may be mentally deficient.

    - One of my rescues (FeLV positive) is crashing.

    - My Great Uncle died….in 2003

    - No one was able to contact us because my Great Aunt suffers from severe senile dementia, she was the only one that knew how to contact us. She doesn’t even know he’s dead.

    - I’m taking the PTCB exam next Saturday and fully expect to fail. I took a pre-test that was a mirror image of the actual test last night and fucking bombed it.

    - The 19 year old boss expects me to work 9 to 10 hours the night before the exam as well as the day of the exam (after I’m done taking it). I see a confrontation on the horizon.

    - My home feels like it’s covered in a shroud of ick

    - And now my fingers hurt from scratching the tip of the ice-burg.

    The list goes on and on and on and on….



    Wednesday, July 12, 2006

    Eh, the mood just kinda... passed

    I had this huge long entry all figured out (and half written) about the last week or so and all of the twists and turns life has offered (including a good rant about Whore-Hey).

    Then I changed my mind.

    Not because it's not important, not because it's not so sad it's funny, not because it involved a ton o' cursing.

    Because I'm tired. So to hell with it.


    Tuesday, July 11, 2006

    A Big Honkin' Thank You!!!

    To Dayngr Girl for requesting the below entry with the embedded links, spreading the word by blogging an awesome Post about it, AND requesting the PDF flyer!!! Your support is so appreciated!

    The flyer (a great, eye catching design!) can be found at Stale Betty's Place. Scroll to the bottom of her page, look right, click and download. Put em' everywhere! The Community Center on base, your break room at work, your church bulletin board, your next PTA and or Girl/Brownie/Cub/Boy Scout meeting.

    It's an awesome thing these ladies are doing! Lets continue to spread the word everywhere!

    While you're visiting Stale Betty, please take a moment to visit the list of wonderful sponsors also linked in her right sidebar.



    Thursday, July 06, 2006

    Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for its heros!!!


    This is my 100th post, and it's a damn good one!

    Please feel free to C&C or link this entry to your blog or e-mail me and I'll send you the entry with all of the links already embedded. Lets spread the word!

    I jacked this from Rose. This is an ultra worthy cause! I've made my pledge and I hope anyone reading this does too. No amount is too small, it all helps!

    Here's what Rose wrote...

    "I usually talk myself out of doing Blogathon every year. I tell myself that I don't have the energy, or that I don't have the time, or that there's no way I'd be able to do it with my other obligations. This year, I have no excuse. I have been asked to participate in Blogathon with an absolutely AMAZING team of fellow military wife bloggers (Stale Betty, Char Marie, Tuna Girl, Maximus, April, and Tess. I'm proud to say I have all these ladies on my blogroll, and would encourage you to check them out. We, as a team, are going to blog for 24 hours straight over at Stale Betty's Place and she's already given us keys to the joint so we can move in and make ourselves comfortable. We are going to be blogging for a charity that's near and dear to our hearts, the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. Betty did a fabulous job of explaining what the charity is on her blog yesterday, so I am going to give her full credit but I'm just going to reproduce what she posted there: Yes. Once again, I must ask you all for your money so that together we can help our military men, women and families. We will be blogging every 30 minutes for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund which just recently began construction on a 65,000 square foot state-of-the-art physical rehabilitation center and advanced training skills center at Brooke Army Medical Center at Fort Sam in San Antonio, TX. For those of you unfamiliar with BAMC, it is known for having one of the best burn units in the country. It was already a top of the line hospital but with the added rehab center, it's going to be even more beneficial to the men and women returning from war with severe burns, amputations and other life-changing injuries. Funding for the construction has been met but donations are still needed to purchase medical equipment and supplies. Any small bit helps.

    Sign up to sponsor us.

    Facts and Statistics

    To date more than 20,000 men and women have been wounded in operations in Afghanistan and Iraq According to U.S Senate research, is that the amputation rate has doubled: 6% of those injured in Iraq have amputations compared with 3% in previous wars.

    As of April 30, there were 268 amputees, 41 of whom had lost two limbs. There are triple amputees, according to Walter Reed Officials. Unfortunately, these numbers will continue to rise.

    Over all 90 percent of soldiers wounded in Iraq survive. In Vietnam, only 76 percent of the wounded did so.

    Hundreds of soldiers have been severely burned, and some initial reports indicate that soldiers have suffered eye injuries at a rate far higher than any previous war.

    Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund has contributed over $14 million to military families, but as the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan continue, unfortunately many more families will need our help.


    The team, under Betty's leadership, already has some great ideas to keep the blogathon entertaining for anyone who wants to join us on our journey and read as we write. We've got games planned, prizes planned



    Monday, July 03, 2006

    Whore-Hey, are you spying on me?

    Your secretary called me before work today to say she shouldn’t have scheduled me for the 5th and was wondering if I could reschedule. Now I’m not ‘generally’ paranoid but given my therapeutic history I am raising an eyebrow on this one. Really, at this point I don’t think we know each other well enough to already be avoiding one another; we‘ve never met. Give crazy a chance, man.



    Thinking ahead

    I’m going to make a little list. The following are topics I think I’m going to address with Whore-Hay this Wednesday. I don’t want to get to his office and go off half cocked on 40 different issues. Since “Productivity” is my word of the month, “Prioritize“ is following in close second. I mean, how can someone be productive without priorities? Yep, that’s what I’m gonna do. So what’s been on my mind?

    1/ How come every time one of my coworkers tells me they love me or tries to give me a hug (no, I’m not shitting you) my reaction is panic and anger evoking a strong desire to cram my finger down my throat and forcibly vomit on them? Don’t vultures do that? You know, projectile vomit their last road kill dinner on predators as a form of self defense?

    2/ Why do I frequently fantasize about being a ninja? Is it wrong to feel ninjariffic in a vengeance-y sort of way?

    3/ I think in future sessions we may need to discuss my ‘anger issues’. But I’d like to give a heads up on what I’m dealing with here. I was at the convenience store the other night picking up sodas. Long story short it ended in me launching a Coke at a drunken penis wrinkle’s head while screaming incoherent obscenities at the top of my lungs. What set off this craze? He stumbled up to me, arms out stretched in a “I’m gonna touch your boobies” pose while talking shit (“baby” this and “baby” that) in a mixture of Spanish and English. I told him to fuck off but he kept coming at me. I was steady walking backward warning him not to touch me and he kept coming. I honestly don’t remember everything. I just wanted to buy sodas and go along my merry little way but ended up screaming, throwing shit and his friends (scared shitless) dragged his drunk, stupid ass out of the store. So anyway, the ‘fear/anger induced rage semi-blackout’ should probably be addressed. I see anger management in my future.

    In an ocean of issues that make me my perky, happy little self- those are the first three issues that come to mind. Sure there’s more important shit to be discussed but hell, it’s my first visit; I don’t want to scare the snot out of poor Whore-Hay right from the get go.

    That ocean of issues needs to be carefully surveyed and eased into, like a warm bath.