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    Tuesday, November 25, 2008

    Dinner for 10 (small villages)...

    So my menu is less than traditional but who gives a crap? My guests will just have to understand 4 simple truths- 1/ It’s the holiday’s, I’m busy. 2/ It’s better than nothing. 3/ They’re welcome to feast on my craptastic always entertaining festive attitude. And 4/ There’s no bill at the end of the meal.

    ~Whore derves~

    Awesome Pumpkin Spice Graham crackery dip (that I’m going to claim I made from scratch) to put on cookies - Check
    Nilla Wafers and Ginger Snaps - Check
    800 Deviled Eggs - Check
    Enough sliced cheese to constipate an elephant - Check
    Loads of those little “designer” crackers (that’ll make everyone think I’m classy) for cheese - Check
    Triscuits (loaded with fiber- insert evil laugh here) and Wheat Thins in case people hate designer crackers - Check

    ~Mains & Sides~

    Turkey - Check
    Ham - Check
    Metric ton of Stuffing - Check
    5 gallons of Gravy - Check
    Canned Yams (but I'm going to say I picked them myself) - Check
    That Cranberry flavored gel crap in a can - Check
    4 billion red potatoes for homemade mashed taters - Check
    Boots to mash taters - Check
    Creepy Cheesy broccoli rice casserole (that I’ll probably hate) - Check
    Dinner Rolls - Check
    Sweet Potato casserole - Check


    Pineapple Upside Down Cake - Check
    Cupcakes - Check
    Peach Pie (I’m also claiming I made from scratch) - Check


    First Aid kit - Check
    Pepto Bismol - Check
    Prep H - Check
    911 on speed dial - Check
    Alibi - Check

    Now I'm really poor. Happy Thanksgiving, you're not getting shit for Christmas!

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    4 Thoughts On The Subject

    Blogger lattégirl said...

    You forgot the Valium.

    10:16 AM  
    Anonymous Slick said...

    lol...well, still sounds like a good meal!

    Except for the taters. I ain't eatin the taters unless your boots were clean when you mashed'em up!

    So Christmas present for me?

    9:14 AM  
    Blogger Mrs. "Smith" said...

    Happy Thanksgiving, Aza! Enjoy the day and take credit for everything! *hugs*

    Mrs. S.

    12:41 PM  
    Blogger Aza said...

    I’m happy to report it went off without a hitch and to my total amazement there were no reports of food poisoning the next day.

    2:20 PM  

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