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    Monday, November 03, 2008

    Wow, I really needed that!

    and didn't even know it.

    Sometimes you don’t realize just how fast life is moving and the impact stressful situations are making until you take a minute and step out of it all; when you’re granted a momentary respite.

    I went golfing yesterday. Nothing really stood out about the game. The weather was nice- I thought it might rain by the 9th hole but it held off, the course is one of my favorites, the company was fabulous (as usual), I didn’t miss a single green off the tee, I hit my irons better than usual and after only 7 months of playing I scored a 96. There was nothing extraordinary about the game. However, it was one of the most enjoyable, relaxed moments I can remember in recent memory. I was actually depressed when it was over.

    Now, back to the real world containing election bullshit, despondent husband’s, sick father’s, doctors appointments, financial woes, divorces, ass loads of laundry, etc., etc., etc….

    I think I might start going back to yoga class.

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    3 Thoughts On The Subject

    Anonymous Slick said...

    I wasn't invited to the golf game?

    Girl, you know how much I love me some golf....

    Everyone needs those days like that, glad you got one in.

    4:01 PM  
    Blogger Kojak said...

    Hey Doll !!!
    I have to say it was a great day for golf and you did play great. I am so proiud of you! Yes the company was fantastic and is always a joy to play with you! I am looking forward to our next round!!! Love ya!!!!

    12:18 PM  
    Blogger Aza said...

    Slick- Next time your in the upper end of Florida give a yell, I’ll set the tee time!

    Kojak- How’s Wednesday? You know, the day before your house is overrun with (staving beggars eating all of your food) wonderful friends sharing in Thanksgiving.

    2:51 AM  

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